Fairings Honda CBR F1 600cc 1989 - 1990


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Data sheet

Conditie SH
Parts manufacturing Original
Vehicle type Motorcycle
Weight 1.0 kg
Engine type 4T

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Fairings Honda CBR F1 600

Compatible years:
1989 1990

Some parts may have irregularities, broken fasteners, cracks and scratches. Not all defects are specified and visible in pictures. If you have questions, please contact us for details before ordering. When the order is placed, the customer takes responsibility for the parts ordered. Prices were calculated individually, based on the parts condition. 

  1. SHC6.1 64211-MN4-0100 broken and cracked in multiple places, visible in pictures 250= 100 RON
  2. SHC6.2 64300- MN4-0000 MT6-8300 200 RON
  3. SHC6.3 - 50 RON
  4. SHC6.4 8371C-KT8-0100   100 RON
  5. SHC6.5 83610-KL8-0100   100 RON
  6. SHC6.6 64305-MV9A-0000 fastening broken  45 RON

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