Terms and Conditions

The use of the www.scutermag.ro site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below. To use the site in the best conditions, we recommend that you read the following information carefully. These can be changed at any time without prior notice.

1. Personal data security. Privacy Policy

2. Prices and payment of products

3. Delivery of products

4. Product return

5. Litigation and final provisions

6. Copyright

1. Personal data security. Privacy Policy

Your personal data is very important to the Scutermag and confidential. The purposes of data collection refer to Electronic communications services as well as advertising, marketing and advertising. According to Law No. 677/2001, you benefit from the right of access, data intervention, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to address justice. Also, you have the right to oppose the processing of personal data that concern you and to seek deletion of the data. For exercising these rights, you can address with an application, dated and signed by e-mail: office@scutermag.ro

If some of the data about you are incorrect, please inform us as soon as possible. It is very important that your personal data be correct, which is necessary for the proper deployment of the entire order. Your refusal to provide this data leads to the impossibility of completing any order.

Scutermag undertakes not to distribute information, sell or rent to various third parties (natural or legal persons) your personal data obtained through the site www.scutermag.ro. This data will be used by Scutermag to send you confirmation of an order or different promotions, only with your consent.

However, Scutermag assumes no responsibility for any loss of information that could be caused by any malfunctions or errors of the software with which the site www.scutermag.ro is designed and hosted and does not warrant that the site, the server or emails shipped by www.scutermag.ro do not contain viruses.

2. Prices and payment of products

All prices on the site include TVA (20%), but do not include expenses related to transport. The transport costs are borne by the customer and will be specified before the order is completed or you will be notified by e-mail. The cost differs depending on the courier chosen by you and the weight, volume or reimbursement of the ordered products.

Orders worth over 299 RON (no discount) benefit from free shipping.

The purchase price of the printed products on the invoice is identical to the one on our site and contains TVA. The pictures of the products used which are in stock are not informative, but are real with the products concerned (so there is the guarantee that what you see is exactly what you get), except for the products to which an informative image has been added specifying this in the picture.

Any order made on the site www.scutermag.ro has a countercurrent value. For any order, you will be contacted by phone by one of our operators for confirmation.

If you choose to pay refund (cash) valid only on Romanian territory, you will be able to pay the agent from the courier company that delivers your products.

Choosing the payment option via bank transfer, PayPal or other online payment methods, you will have to pay the proforma invoice (in advance) to our company, but only after a consultant will confirm the existence in stock of the products ordered. The products ordered from the site www.scutermag.ro remain the property of our company until the full payment of the sums payable. The customer is not exonerated from the payment obligation of the invoice if the products sent are not raised within 5 days, or is denied receipt of the products from the courier without any justification. The expenses caused by the return shipment will be highlighted and added to the invoice of the returned order. In this case our company reserves the right to demand the full payment of the invoice, as well as the transport expenses (courier) round-trip. For orders, our company reserves the right to request customers to pay an advance of up to 50% of the order value or even full payment in advance. This will be communicated to the client at the time of the telephone confirmation of the order.

For more details on the payment please visit the "How To order" page.

3. Delivery of products

Delivery of the products can be carried out on the territory of Romania, anywhere in the country, in Europe and anywhere in the world.
The expenses related to the transport are borne by the customer except for the promotions and discounts offered by Scutermag.
Delivery will be done in max. 48 working hours from the date of confirmation, in Romania, and up to 7 working days on European territory, and up to 15 days on a global level, if the products are "in stock", from order confirmation, except Saturdays and Sundays, as well as holidays Legal. When performing an order you will be contacted by phone by an operator to verify and confirm the order data. In exceptional cases, if the ordered product is not on stock at the time of ordering, our operators will communicate to you by phone the duration of dispatch of the products ordered by you.
If the order confirmation fails, for various reasons: the client does not answer the phone, the contact details are incorrect or incomplete, the order will not be shipped and will be canceled. We will wait for the order confirmation for 48 hours, by any form of contact, phone, e-mail, SMS.
For more details on how to deliver products please visit the "delivery" page.

4. Product return

According to the Romanian legislation, the products ordered from the site www.scutermag.ro can be returned within 10 days of their purchase. The return of the products is done only if the following conditions are respected.

The pieces are not sent for the sample!!! The products cannot be returned within 10 days because they do not like the mechanic or the client. We recommend that you always use appropriate information sources if you consider that you do not have enough information about a product before purchasing it. Tototdata, call with confidence to our operators who have technical data, other customers ' opinions about the products, but also the defective piece at hand to offer you the best advice in purchasing a product. When you have ordered a piece, you have consulted the opinion of a specialist and/or you have precisely diagnosed the cause of the problem. SCUMERMAG assumes no responsibility if the ordered parts are not the ones that caused the problem with the vehicle.

The return expenses will be fully borne by the Scutermag, if the workpiece is defective and the scutermag operators have not found another solution within 14 days. The consideration refund of the product will be made within 7 days of the product retour.

The policy relating to pieces of dismemberments:

Mechanical parts –can be returned only if not used/mounted on the vehicle and there is a defect that our operators could not have been able to notify and we were notified in Max. 4 days of receipt. Replace with other parts available on stock, or bring to order within 14 days.

Electrical parts –can be returned only if we have been notified in 48 hours after receipt, whether it does not work in normal parameters, or are defective. They will be returned together with the documentation attesting that they have been fitted to an authorized service. In case of self-directing, the client assumes responsibility and cannot be returned. Replace with other parts available on stock, or bring to order within 14 days after returning the related parts and documentation.

The full or half-power motors that are sold will have to be checked when the customer mounts them: (oil, coolant, transmission). The guarantee is 10 days from the date of the country (either advertised or taken into consideration from the day the song arrived). The warranty in these cases is only valid if the engine is returned exactly in the state in which it was sent, without being released any component, from the ones with which it was supplied at the time of delivery. If the customer chooses extended warranty (3 months, 6 months or 1 year), detailed checks will be made and new seals will be put, and will be a counteracest service.

If the parts are returned for the reasons listed above, the Scutermag has the responsibility to replace the pieces in question with other spare parts, either from the same category or with other products.

When the parts are returned, they are accepted only if they are exactly in the state in which they were dispatched, without any signs of wear, alterations or defects subsequently occurring. Otherwise, no return of parts is accepted.

In order to qualify for the replacement of the workpiece and 15 days warranty (electronic parts), respectively 30 days (mechanical parts) is required to use authorized mechanics or servicing, which will release your related documentation, otherwise your request cannot be Taken into account.

Policy on New parts:

Scutermag accepts the return of any product, provided that the returned product is not damaged, does not contain traces of use and be returned in the original packaging or also undamaged, with all attachments and labels attached, the products Sealed must be unmade and be accompanied by all documents distributed with the products. If the product has a damaged packaging or has no packaging, then the product can no longer be returned. If you want to return a product, you must send us a written notice or e-mail.

The warranty is valid only if the respective parts have been installed in an authorized service, and are returned together with a proof of service. Complaints of this kind will be noted within Max. 7 days, and if the quality of the piece is improper, it will change with another new track. If our experts can prove that the malfunction was caused by a human error, it cannot be changed with a new one.

Mechanical parts:

Warranty up to 1 year, based on manufacturers.

Electrical parts: Warranty from 3/6/12 months, based on manufacturers.

The battery guarantee is only offered after the loading (at the authorized service), which is in normal parameters, in the base of the vehicle (13, 8v ~ 14.5 v) 6 months-1 year.

Return conditions:

  • Evidence that the track is not compatible (photos or video)
  • Proof of the authorized service that made the installation of the workpiece
  • Details that attest that the track is not good or the cause that created the malfunction

Return of Money:

The return of money is only in the last instance, in case our operators do not have a solution for your requirements within 14 working days, and after overcoming these days, the money is returned in 7 working days.

If you want to refund the money without wanting another piece instead, although it can be available on stock, or can be brought in the 14 days set, the customer pays all the transport fees and is withheld 10% of the price of the song, which is Considered the risk Commission for those situations where the clients order a sample piece.

Conditions for storing the warranty: a guarantee certificate is attached to each consignment shipped.

The warranty certificate is valid only if it is properly completed and you have it on you, along with the tax receipt or invoice, or is returned with the pieces. Failure to comply with the above obligations draws the loss of the warranty.
From the warranty are excluded:
  • Consumable Nature Parts
  • Defects caused by overloads, interruptions or improper connection of electrical power supply
  • Defects due to incorrect connection of optional accessories
  • Defects caused by faulty use
  • Loss or damage to the warranty certificate

Policy on Chinese parts: Attention! For Chinese parts (Scutermag has an obligation to notify you of their provenance) no warranty is offered.

5. Litigation and final provisions

By using the site www.scutermag.ro, the client agrees that the terms and conditions listed above are in accordance with the European laws in force.
If any other problem related to the products and services offered by Scumermag is not present in the articles of this document, it will be settled amicably within 30 working days from the date of the written referral of the problems, and if this Resolve will not be possible, the conflict will be settled in court in the locality where Scutermag has its seat.

6. Copyright

The content of this site may not be reproduced or copied, wholly or partially, without the written consent of mopeds SRL (Pictures, video, text, watermark, etc.).
Violation of copyright provisions is governed by Law No. 8/1996.